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THE DVD FOR DOGS was produced for many reasons. First, we as the creators have many dogs of our own, and found that the DVD's that had been created for Dogs in the past were lacking in one area or another. None of them seemed to meet The Ultimate Dog Sitter DVD challenge.

So, after taking all of this into consideration, we took our years of experience with dogs and animals, and combined it all with the skills of our very own in-house, leading-edge video production company to bring you the most creative, complete and professional DVD video for your Dog and you. THE DVD FOR DOGS: The Ultimate Dog Sitter DVD was not made by home video. It was made by a small family company that loves dogs and is fully dedicated to making dog dvd videos for you and your furry dog pal.

THE DVD FOR DOGS video is filled with sights and sounds from places near and far, shot in stunning high-definition with the highest quality equipment and Dolby Digital sound. Dogs can hear much better than humans so we've engineered THE DVD FOR DOGS with multiple sound layers, and gentle messages of reassureance, like "Good Boooy", or "Good Girrrl."

From other dogs having a blast, barn-yard animals being goofy, to exotic animals showing-off, THE DVD FOR DOGS is specifically designed to enchant and excite your dog, without making them too rambunctious. Not only is your dog thoroughly entertained through sight and sound, but you as well are informed with basic training and aging tips from our dog experts. Topics, like caring for older dogs and teaching your dog tricks will entertain you as well as help you build a better bond with your dog.

THE DVD FOR DOGS can easily play as an everlasting loop for your dog to watch over and over again. Or you can choose to start from your Dogs favorite chapter and let it loop from there. Now you'll never have to buy another basic dog training book or make your dog feel alone, ever again! Make them at home and buy THE DVD FOR DOGS today.

Remember, THE DVD FOR DOGS comes with a Dog-Gon-Satisfaction guarantee! If you or your dog are not happy with The DVD for Dogs, just send it back within 30 days of the purchase date for a full refund of the purchase price. 


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Green Manufacturer. All Materials Used to Make Our Dog Videos Have Been Chosen Because of Their Low Impact on the Environment.
Dog-Gon-Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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Dog-Gon-Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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